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Everyone seems to enjoy o u r football, whether or not they are Barca fans. All over the world, We’ve heard people saying that they have been enchanted by us. (insp.)

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Mascherano sent off…

Celebrating second goal a lot? My brother never saw me win as coach and I thought for a moment he again brought bad luck…
Luis Enrique (via blaugr4na)
It’s an honor to score here at the Camp Nou, to play alongside Messi, everything…
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Lionel Messi scores the first goal of the season for FC Barcelona


i can’t wait to shamelessly force my sports teams into my children’s hearts

A black cat invades the pitch for the first game of the season.

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when a member of your fave team gets a red card image

old days

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Did I think the black cat could bring bad luck? He passed by our bench, but he also passed by Elche’s bench, so… (smiles)
Luis Enrique (via n-eymar)

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